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Re: Installing phpMyAdmin on my web server

I dropped the bbPress tables in my database and did a reinstall.

The installation went fine.

I discovered my original installation falied because of a typo

I had entered ‘’;

I should have entered ‘’;

On this install I didn’t want to integrate with the WordPress database.

Now I need to learn how to customize the forum’s appearance.

Is there a way to change the forum name within Administration or will I have to edit the config.php file and FTP it?

Is a lot of customization done through plugins and php templates?

I found this online.

[The best way to start off is to create a new directory inside the root folder of the bbpress install called “my-templates”. Any php templates place in this folder with the same name as in “bb-templates” will override the original files. For example, if you modify front-page.php and upload it to “my-templates”, bbpress will pull the customized front-page.php file.]

Fore instance I like adding the ‘This topic is one of your favorites’ feature.

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