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Re: Installation to sub domain Error 400

OK – This is what I did at the beginning.

ASO has cpanel.

I went to cpanel and created “subdomain” called “forum”

When you do this cpanel automatically creates a directory “forum”

I uploaded BBpress to this directory.

I created a database in cpanel and completed the fields in config.php

I tried $bb->domain = ‘’;

$bb->path = ‘/forums/’; plus a lot of others.

Does not work.


I went to a current subdomain I have and in cpanel physically created a directory /forum/.

I populated config.php with the data and it WORKS! (looks good by the way!!).

The only thing is that my forum is at

I cannot get it to the root at

(by the way when I install WP to it works first time every time and I do not have to install it to, and call it from

Sorry for the long post and hope it is clear…

What am I missing here?

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