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Re: Installation involves database management and I suck at that

Sound interesting eclipsenow :)

You can backup bbpress using a wordpress backup tool. If integrated, bbpress and wordpress use the same databases anyway. The plugin I use sends a backup of the whole blog & forum to my mail every week, day, month or whatever you want).

I use this plugin:

Though this seems the most popular:

If you customize your template you should manually take a backup of that template as well, though. It’s just one folder you should get from your webserver whenever you change the template. If you don’t change the template (which I think is probably the case for you), then backing up your template folder is not of your concern yet.

More info & alternatives:

(I’m sure the experts in this forum can tell you a lot more about general backup through cpanel and such. I’m just a guy learning through tutorials & trial and error just like you:p )

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