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Re: Installation involves database management and I suck at that

Hi all,

thanks for your comments, some of you have had a lot of experience at this!

My site is probably more about the forum, but with blog/website article functionality leading to discussion in the forums. It’s a political reform agenda, with Phd level people recommending that we abolish the States in Australia and have a unified National legislation parliament with far more efficiency and streamlined structures than the mess we now have, and a strong Constitutionally recognised Local government responsible for the local implementation and management of the currently state run (and failing) public services (health care, etc). Sound controversial? YOU BET, so that’s why the BLOG comments will be “off” but the forum has to be absolutely state of the art, to handle all the quite long and technical posting.

So… while WP might have state of the art blogging, I’m really looking for forum functionality.

Also, as this topic is on databases, has anyone used Brinkster? I suck at even normal Cpanel phpmyadmin stuff, let alone Brinkster… they seem to want people to hand code stuff in php.

I don’t have to know php if I’m going to use bbpress do I?

Lastly, why doesn’t this forum have email replies turned on?

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