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Re: Installation involves database management and I suck at that



What’s not to like about Joomla?

  • seo friendly URLs are not built in, and need to be handled by each component individually
  • Section > Category > Article – those are my choices, no more, no less? That’s lame
  • Community support: the WordPress community is far more helpful than the Joomla one, in me experience.
  • Seems like 80% of the add-ons for Joomla are paid, where 80% of them for WordPress are free. I really think that has held Joolma back: the fact that everything you want to add to it costs money

Also, sometimes you just understand where certain software is coming from, more than others. I understand WordPress better than I understand Joomla. And I’ve never had a problem with a WordPress upgrade, where almost every Joomla upgrade I attempted resulted in pain.

Of course, YMMV. You use whatever tools you need to to get the job done.

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