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Re: Installation Error Message



This error points to a problem in the config file:

Parse error: parse error in /home/cust2/user1080446/html/bbpress/config.php on line 4

Line 4 is the first line of the database config stuff, starting with database name. This error was not mentioned previously by you and maybe there is a new problem there.

The bb_walker error is interesting. In your error message, it’s lower case, but in the source, it appear like this, with some uppercase: BB_Walker_ForumAdminlistitems and BB_Walker. Not sure if that’s a typo in the source or a problem with the upload or something else.

My guess is that it’s used in lowercase for the function call, and it’s defined in uppercase, which doesn’t work, I don’t think. I’ve had that happen before when the development of a plugin or function is developed on a Windows machine where the case does not matter, and it’s loaded onto a Linux server where the case does. Maybe it’s something like that?

Looks like your server is Linux, so case matters there.

This is not a comforting note from the trunk: backPress: BOOM! this will break *everything*

Did you download the release or a trunk release? I am fairly certain trunk is broken right now, but should work. There was a post from sambauers here about a month ago saying that r980 was the best version to try:

bbPress is in flux right now. It’s not normally anywhere near this difficult to get up and running. Sorry for the troubles.

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