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Re: Installation Error Message




I don’t know why it would redirect to the home page vs. giving you a failed login attempt. I registered, received my email, tried logging in, and it seemed like it just redirected to the front page of the forum again.

Is the WordPress installation going to be here: ?

If so, with integration, the bbPress installation should be here then (I believe):

but it’s actually here:

I wonder if the cookie path is wrong and that prevents bbPress from setting the proper cookie and thus thinks you’re not logged in, or that you logged back out since there is no valid cookie?

I checked the cookies that were set and I have a cookie path of /puppyplaydate/ for wordpressuser and wordpresspass. I would expect the cookie path to be /Forums/ with this setup.

As a test, I just stopped accepting cookies for my site (integrated with WordPress as well), then tried logging in. If I tried to log in while I was viewing a forum, it just silently redirected me to the forum home page. This seems like confirmation that it’s a cookie issue at this point. I can make mine do what yours is doing.

If I set the 2 cookies manually in Firefox, I am logged in! Check this out:

Screenshot of me logged into your forum:

Screenshot of the cookies I manually set (note path /Forums/):

Here is the response from your server where it tries to set the cookies with a path of /puppyplaydate/:


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