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Re: Installation Error Message



In your config.php, you should start with mod_rewrite being false. I suspect you have it set to true or slugs, and that is creating problems for you as well.

$bb->mod_rewrite = false;

That should take care of the bb-admin issue, unless you are currently logged in and NOT a keymaster or admin. If you are logged in as a regular member and try to access the admin page, I believe you are directed to the bbPress installation instead of admin.

UPDATED INFO after thinking about it: It’s also possible that this redirection is occurring because the creation of tables and modification of tables did not go well, and it’s not reading your user information properly and it does not know you are keymaster with access to bb-admin.

Regarding the SQL errors, is it possible your WordPress installation already used ppd_ as a table prefix, and then you used it in your config.php for the bbPress table prefix as well? If that’s the case, the errors are because it is trying to create tables that already exist or modifying tables with the wrong names. From the snippet of config.php you posted earlier, you showed $bb->wp_table_prefix = 'playdate_'; but also ppd_ in the line below (the ‘for example’ part), and the errors here show ppd_ as the table prefix. Oddly enough, there are some errors with just ppd and no underscore as the table prefix as well.

Seems like it’s a combination of configuration things at this point. Maybe the $bb_table_prefix was set to the same thing as the $bb->wp_table_prefix with the exception of the underscore (so, ppd vs. ppd_). That info doesn’t agree with the piece of the config.php you posted though where you said $bb->wp_table_prefix = 'playdate_';

I suspect the whole picture has not been posted since you’re working on it and trying things and then you make a change and the old information no longer applies.

Right now, you have the database connection issue figured out. You should be using different table prefixes for wordpress and bbpress: wp_ and bb_ are the defaults. In the bbPress config.php, the $bb->wp_table_prefix should be the same as whatever it is in your wp-config.php and THAT should be different from the bbPress table prefix, set earlier in the config.php at $bb_table_prefix.

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