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Re: Installation Error Message



I addressed the 99% rule and have learned that I am in the 1% and made it to the installation page. However, Not sure yet what it’s all about but I did get:

Now we’re going to create the database tables and fill them with some default data.

bbPress database error: [Incorrect table definition; there can be only one auto column and it must be defined as a key]

ALTER TABLE ppd_posts ADD COLUMN post_id bigint(20) NOT NULL auto_increment

bbPress database error: [Key column ‘post_id’ doesn’t exist in table]

ALTER TABLE ppd_posts ADD PRIMARY KEY (post_id)

1.Created table ppd_forums

2.Created table ppd_topics

3.Created table ppd_topicmeta

4.Created table ppdusers

5.Created table ppdusermeta

6.Created table ppd_tags

7.Created table ppd_tagged

8.Changed default value of ppd_posts.post_status from publish to 0

9.Added column ppd_posts.post_id

10.Added column ppd_posts.forum_id

11.Added column ppd_posts.topic_id

12.Added column ppd_posts.poster_id

13.Added column ppd_posts.post_text

14.Added column ppd_posts.post_time

15.Added column ppd_posts.poster_ip

16.Added index ppd_posts FULLTEXT KEY post_text (post_text)

bbPress database error: [Unknown column ‘post_id’ in ‘field list’]

SELECT post_id, poster_id FROM ppd_posts WHERE topic_id = 1 AND post_status = 0 ORDER BY post_time

bbPress database error: [Unknown column ‘post_id’ in ‘where clause’]

SELECT * FROM ppd_posts WHERE post_id = 3


Now you can log in with the username . . .

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