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Re: Installation Error Message



Yes, absolutely on the localhost issue. I always have to change that since my database is on a different server. What DB_HOST is used in the WordPress wp-config.php? If you are using the same database, user and password, but with different tables, then the BBDB_HOST and DB_HOST should be the same value in both files. Whatever you are using in WordPress you need to use in bbPress since you mentioned previously that you were going for an integrated install.

Very simply, the DB_HOST and BBDB_HOST are just machine names where the database lives. If the database (MySQL) is on the same machine as your web server, then localhost is appropriate. If it’s on another host, then you need to enter the publicly accessible name of that host, like mine is always something like That machine exists on the Internet, and MySQL connections to it are done via port 3306 by default (you don’t need to tell it to do that.)

Once this database connection issue is resolved, I think there is still going to be the error with the bb_walker stuff…

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