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Re: Installation Error Message



The db connection problem is a most certainly a problem with the information in config.php. If you can post your config.php , someone might be able to help. When you edit the details, be sure to edit carefully, or maybe just change one character rather than trying to obliterate the whole db name, user, password or host. Something could be lost in your editing.

On second thought, it’s not going to help much to post the config.php because it’s not that there are syntax errors, it’s a problem with the details. Posting the config with the details there or not will not help to debug it.

Did you cut and paste the whole section from the wp-config.php? Did you change the name of the constants from DB_NAME and DB_whatever to BBDB_NAME and BBDB_whatever for use with bbPress?

Also, are you trying to use a port or socket with the db connection?

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