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Re: Install help

Chrishajer, thank you for your detailed help.

Before I installed the bbpress, I have created a database as below:

1, mysql> create database MyForum_database;

2, mysql> show database; it is displayed.

3, to create a dbconnect.php file to test it,


$con = mysql_connect(“localhost:3306″,”myname”,”mypassword”);

if (!$con)

{ die(‘Could not connect: “.mysql_error());}


echo “Successful connect.”

mysql_select_db(“MyForum_database”, $con);


4, to run this dbconnect.php file in the

http://localhost/mrm/bbforum/dbcon.php //mrm is root of my website

To get the “Successful connect.”

This means my website host is “localhost” and the database is on the same server as the web site, then this probably should remain localhost in Database Host.

5, my web site host is ‘localhost’ in my Apache setting in my server.(We have static IP address)

6, please see my setting in bbpress installation:

Database name: MyForum_database

Database user: myname

Database password: mypassword

Database host: localhost

Database character set: utf8

Database character collation: forum

bbPress cookie secret key: skyisblue

Table name prefix: f_

Where is I wrong? My MyForum_database has been connected, why bbPress installation can’t connect it.

My database and website are on same server, same host.

So I wander why…

Please help again.

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