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Re: Install help



> 1, Do I create database first before running install.php?

> Both I try ( no database to install and after create database

> to install), it doesn’t work.

You need to create a database first, then supply that database name to the installer. In addition, you will need a database user, password and maybe host name.

> 2, I can’t find the path where is I created database save in, so

> I entered localhost in the Database Host. I really don’t understand

> what is the database host and search it in internet, is it belong

> to company? I use Mysql 5.0.45 . and bbpress- . How can find

> the path about my database in Linux.

This information comes from the company that hosts your website. If they allow you to set up a database, somewhere on that page or near that page will show the database name, user name, password and maybe host.

> 3, I don’t choose the Show Advanced Settings (default), it is still stuck step 1.

You probably need to do this, but first you need to get the host name from your website host.

> It is always (There was a problem connection to the database you specified.

> Please check the settings, then try again.)

I am going to guess this is because you have not entered all the proper information, or you entered incorrect information. Your host may have to help you with some of these details.

> Is it terrible to install it?

No, not once you have all the correct details. If you can’t tell bbPress how to connect to your database, you’re going to be stuck right there until you get some help.

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