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Re: Install finished but it’s as if my forum doesn’t exist



It looks bad because the path to your style.css is wrong. The stylesheet should be here, but it’s not:

So, where is it really? I suspect the path in the config.php and the URL you are using to access the forum are not the same, and that’s why you see the forum without any styling.

Wait – it’s actually here:

So, in your config you called the directory forums but you actually installed it in the directory bbpress. You need to fix your config.php.

You have this:

$bb->uri = ‘’;

It needs to be this:

$bb->uri = ‘’;

(or, you can leave the config alone and change the name of the bbpress directory to forums.)

Fix that and everything will look as it should. You may need to do a hard refresh or clear the cache in your browser to see the effect of the changes. CTRL SHIFT R in Firefox.

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