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Re: Indicating new posts/topics plugin request. Coder needed!

Hi fel.

I already modified the -strong- part, to some <span style=”color: #123456;”>, but i have to admit that i have never heard of the content-before tag for CSS.

I looked at google, i guess the tag looks like :before (or :after), but i also found this page:

.. which states that it doesn’t work in IE browsers. FreekinĀ“ Microsoft..

Good idea though, but unfortunately IE is too popular.

In my theme i have a table, with two columns. First column is the one i would like to be able to modify (even if only with a CSS tag), second column holds the title of the topic.

Do you know if it would be possible to modify the plugin to differentiate between a .no_new_topic and a .new_topic class, for use in CSS instead?

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