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Re: Include code in posts

Well this doesn’t adress ads only, the question is more that the admin have more rights (like javascript/html entries) then ‘normal’ users.

Can be done let me think…………….

– You’ll have to enter some new tags in the plugin (allowed tags)

– Then in the template files containing post fields, you could add the tags and make them visible for the admin only with something like: if user can edit;

Now you can use javascript and other tags that you’ve entered and only the admin can see these links/buttons, but every1 can use them though :(

So some filter should be added in view.php? like euuhh…

If post is by admin, allow tags x,y,z else print as code...

This way if a user tries to put in some javascript code it will be displayed as code and if the user is admin it will execute/display it.

In theory :D

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