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Re: Importing from phpBB

I just had a chat with Patrick on Live Messenger, the guy that runs , and he said, you’ll mostly have to work directly with the database.

Or atleast that’s how he does it, he said. Also, I’m not sure if this would, or could possibly help in any way, but.. they wrote up this article: “Write a converter with the Unified Convertor System.”

Of course, like anyone would do, they made it up for the people to convert from their current forum software, to their’s, but, wasn’t sure if maybe you devs could use it to benefit yourselves or not?

Just wanted to throw this out onto the table for ya’ll.. ;) I think it’s great that bbPress made a official release finally.. and *hopefully* soon, I’ll get to making themes for it. ;)


/Sidenote quick: I had dealt with phpBB before, for a few good years, installed it for peoples, for money, and shot out a few themes too. Submitted them to the site, and had patrick in the MSN mess list for a few years.. ;) =)

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