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Re: Importing from phpBB

Please! You’ll have to be patient.. we are lucky we got this phpBB to bbpress importer this quickly.. jeesh! I’m sure brunotorre will probably make up more import scripts then..

If not brunotorre, then someone else I’m sure.. We’ll just have to be patient here.. Just my 2 cents …

I was able to use his script to bring over all of my users, just by modifying the table names that it was calling for from phpBB. But his code got more complicated, especially for the posts.. For someone who has a firm grasp on php, it wasn’t as much to ask as it might seem.. But I ended up bringing over the info by hand via PHPMyAdmin… Nearly everything, minus the dates of posts since PunBB put that info on a different table altogether.

But yeah, I’m not faulting brunotorre for not getting to my issue immediately. The demand for PunBB->BBPress is prolly going to always be small. Kudos for brunotorre’s work, def!

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