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Re: importing bb_users into wp_users



I’m running into a similar, if not “same” problem.

I had a PHPBB with approx 20 active users. The same users will be participating in a new page which is pre-launch.

That page is a WordPress installation with integrated BBPress. There are only 3 users in the WP/BB install. I imported the posts and forums from PHPBB using the PHPBBtoWordpress hack.

Since I’d already integrated the BBPress install, copying the data did not create the Users in the database, because they began with wp_ and it was looking for bb_. Now, most of the posts are either attributed to “anonymous” or they’re attributed to the wrong username. I don’t want to do the data retrieval over, because the PHPBB users are riddled with spambot entries, and this was an easy way to get rid of them.

Will it be safe to create my new WordPress users, then edit their ID number to match the IDs from the old PHPBB data? And will this change correctly attribute the posts in the BBPress forums? Also, if I change these ID numbers in the WordPress database… will their posts in WordPress become incorrectly attributed?

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