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Re: Import SMF to bbPress

Sometime ago I adapted a script that imports data from phpBB. Some of the changes are probably a Bad Thing, but it worked for me (about 40 users, 15 forums, 150 topics and 800 posts).

Among the changes:

  • Keeps current users, forums, etc. in bbPress. The new forum had started, so I wanted that, even though most new messages were just for testing.
  • When an SMF username is found in the bbPress DB, the bbPress user is assigned to the SMF one. Otherwise, a new user is created.
  • Imports tags that can’t be used in bbPress, such as table, flash and some stupid formatting stuff.
  • Probably other things I don’t remember.

Jump to the CONFIGURATION SECTION and change to match your setup and liking. Wherever you see phpbb it really means smf, of course. One of the things I didn’t do was that type of cleanup. Also, despite the comments saying that you need a fresh new install of bbPress, that’s not true anymore.

Keep in mind that data reuse only happens with users. If a forum or a topic exists in bbPress with the same name that one from SMF, you’ll probably get two topics with the same name (different ID number, though). I haven’t tested this, and I don’t know if that means problems.

Also, subforums become forums on their own, as bbPress uses a flat one-level system. If you are using the plugin that allows for subforums, you may be able to correct this afterwards, or even add the code to the script so that it is done.

If you don’t want any of the probably Bad Things I introduced, get the original one and look compare the


lines to have a feeling of what to change.

Now, if there’s any interest, where do I send it?

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