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Re: I want to change bbPress’ default text



Funny you mention this… I’m doing some work for a client at the moment using WordPress and I wanted to change some of the admin backend text without modifying core files. Localization using an file turned out to be the way to go.

I believe bbPress supports localization as well. It’s probably going to be the route you’ll want to take. (edit: it does, BBLANG in config.php, drop the .mo file in /bb-includes/languages/ I would assume)

The file you’ll need to edit is a compiled binary, so you’ll have to get the bbpress.pot file, probably from the bbPress site somewhere. (edit:

Once you’ve got the file, check out poEdit ( It’s an open-source cross-platform mo/po/pot editor. Create a New catalog from .pot file, make sure the option to compile to .mo is checked in the preferences, and you should be good to go.

The top-left box contains the text to be translated, the bottom-left contains the “translation.” Ctrl-F, find the string, and you’re good from there.

Note: I haven’t tried this with bbPress but it works great with WordPress. Hope it helps.

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