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Re: I need to know advantages/disadvantages of Vanilla and BBpress


I run a vanilla board. I think Vanilla is a very complete, fast and stable forum software. The only problem i have is that none of the add-ons i programmed work the way i wanted. This is because the design of Vanilla is extremely object oriented so there are rules that you have to follow.

BBPress doesn’t have that. Instead you have a lot more freedom to do things, and that’s what i wanted, so i’m moving to BBPress.

Of course the object oriented structure of Vanilla is extremely well designed. I just don’t think extreme OO is completely adecuate on this kind of software.

Another difference is that in Vanilla you just enable an add-on and it works. You don’t have to add code nor modify files (again, this is because of the structure of Vanilla. This is a very good feature, specially if you don’t have experience in PHP). In BBPress mostly all of the time you’ll have to modify files in your template to use some plugins (i like this, because i have more control over what’s happening).

In short, Vanilla is excellent, but it’s not for me :D

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