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Re: I can’t access install.php



I can access this:

Which means the files (at least that file) are there.

I can also access these and get directory listings:

That tells me that the index.php file in each directory is not getting processed by the web server. Looks like some sort of configuration problem with the server.

Can you put a simple file in the foro directory, call it info.php and put this into it:



Then access that at See what that tells you. If that is not processed by the web server, then it’s a problem with the server, not bbPress.

I don’t have a lot of experience on an IIS server, so there may be something simple I’m not familiar with that would cause this.

I am guessing PHP is not enabled here: (IP:

It is however enabled here: (IP:

Those are two completely different machines. The one where phpBB is now is a Linux/Apache machine with PHP 5.2.5. The one if IIS.

I am pretty sure this is a configuration thing with your server, and where you have bbPress installed does not support PHP.

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