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Re: I added WYSIWYG to my bbpress

thanks for the instructions. unfortunately it doesn’t work for me.

on the page you linked to, there are two pieces of advice as to where to put the editor files:

“create a directory in the root directory called “editor” and then upload the same directory from their download page. Then drop the .js files into your root, and place the fckeditor.php file where ever you want (i chose the my-templates directory) and call it accordingly.”


“unrar into my-templates”

Wherever I put it, it doesn’t seem to work. I have tried a directory within my-templates, dropping it directly into my-templates, and putting the relevant files in the root with my-templates holding the PHP file. In all cases I edited the path in the replacement code accordingly.

I think it’s including the PHP file OK, but I guess there is an iframe where the FCKEditor box should be, and that is just pulling the home page of my site (i.e. a 404 error, as far as I can tell).

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