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Re: I added WYSIWYG to my bbpress

I have added Wysiwyg to bbpress as a first. I choosing TinyMCE dunno why … maybe cuz i haven’t ever use this one. But it’s relay roxx nice organization and realy lightweight. Author of this subject using fckeditorm …. but this wysiwyg so slow … oh meine god …

After inserting to my bbpress TinyMCE … i’m starting to play within tags … something doesn’t works cuz BBPRESS cut out disallowed tags … i thought that i can just edit some code in bbpress plugin for image tag. After some manipulation my wysiwyg work’s well but not good as i want :)))

you can check out my bbpress forum and skin which i make for it here

all suggestion and questions send to johanmaelson at gmail dot com .. or post here i’ll check this three :)

links : – TinyMCE ;)

forum page within TinyMCE :

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