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Re: how to manage a forum with bbpress

I don’t think that you are a fascist for wanting to have some control, but that is why most forums promote ‘moderators’ to help with the duties of using a forum. If it is too much for yourself, promote a user in your forum to be a moderator and help out (hense, I am a moderator here at

The plugins will allow you to control what can be said in your forum (mdawaffe even has a language filter plugin), but that is only half the matter. I don’t believe any forum software will give you the ‘fascist’ tools to control exactly what people do and say, but there is a plugin here as well (can’t remember the name) that can have you give ‘warnings’ to members that don’t follow the rules before banning them.

Take a look over in the ‘extend’ tab of this forum for the plugins that might help you with your controlling tasks, but try promoting a moderator as well.

My 2 cents.


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