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Re: How to evaluate server speed?



Page transfer time alone was not-so-hot.

Front page, non-cached, no-images, no external js/css was 2.84 seconds. Loading a fresh topic took over 6 seconds in my browser.

No gzip web compression enabled.

PHP5 (~10%+ slower than PHP4)

There’s definitely no mysql cache – way, way too slow.

Can you put make yourself a phpinfo.php page and put <? phpinfo(); ?> in there for us to check for other stuff? I don’t think it’s a security issue but others will have to agree or not.

Another neat way to look at unknown servers is with this perlinfo cgi I found and hacked at a bit a few years ago. Rename that to perlinfo.cgi upload to your cgi-bin and chmod it to 755. Then we can maybe see a bit more. If you don’t know how to do all this, then nevermind.

I need at least one static page to compare it all to.

If you don’t mind saying, how much are you paying for this hosting? According to westhost’s page ALL clients are on their own VPS, even @ $4/mo which is kinda strange. If true, that means you can customize mysql yourself and install eaccelerator.

top w and uptime are all done from a “shell” via SSH. You need to email them and ask them how you access your shell. If you are indeed on a VPS you should have access to one. Many shared hosting hosts block shell access because of security issues.

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