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Re: How to evaluate server speed?



Since there’s no real way to cache bbpress as static pages like wordpress (and not that there ever really can be, defeats the purpose) if you plan to have anything bigger than a “micro-forum” it’s important your host has mysql caching and optionally but recommend, some kind of php opcode cache (ie. eaccelerator)

Otherwise you’ll be getting emails from your host about your account creating all of the mysql load, etc.

The problem is I think most hosts do not have the two features I mentioned enabled. At least most shared hosting that’s done on cpanel “out of the box” on defaults. They have to be a bit more tech-savvy. And then if they are that clever, sometimes they will “oversell” the box thinking it can do more work than average.

Last but not least, on all shared hosting and VPS, you can have great performance for the moments you test it, but then a “bad neighbour” comes along and your performance will become quite bad for no reasons of your own, until the host does something about it, which can be days. Sometimes even the host can make poor decisions that will cripple your site, like backing it up during times of higher activity or allowing the statistics programs to run on dozens of clients at the exactly same time.

I wish I could afford dedicated hosting myself! Solves most of these problems. But spending $100 per year instead of $100 a month is no contest.

ps. 2.490 – 8 queries is not good at all if you are expecting high traffic – I have mysql cache and opcode cache and get always get under 0.300 for 10-30 queries no matter how many visitors. But I suspect I pay much more for my hosting. My guess is there’s definitely no mysql cache on there or you are paying very very little for that hosting.

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