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Re: How to evaluate server speed?



I’m now getting a median response time of about 0.125 seconds for 8 queries on the top page and 0.205 seconds for 12 queries on a topic page.

That’s like night and day compared to what you had before. It was taking almost a full second in some cases, look at the bottom source of the static.html !!!

Now can you believe most shared hosting environments have mysql cache turned off by default!!! Even your VPS neighbours may have it turned off which is causing high disk load that’s affecting you. This is where all those who claim how VPS is superiour are wrong. Disk access is the achilles heel of VPS (and shared hosting).

Next performance improvement you can do is install eaccelerator. Though it’s nowhere near as easy as editing mysql and restarting services.

Do you know how much guaranteed ram you have on your vps? Because the mysql and eacellerator cache will eat into that. If you have less that 128mb it will limit the sheer number of simultaneous connections you can have. Though for your needs I don’t think it’s a big deal unless all the search engines start scanning you at once.

ps. don’t worry any more about mysql tuning and phpmyadmin status reports, it’s really all you can do for now – the rest is a limit of how wordpress/bbpress works and can’t be avoided

pps. most of your pages are now coming up in 1.5 seconds for me when they were taking up to 6 seconds before – there are still some weird delays sometimes though which must be OS loads

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