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Re: How to evaluate server speed?

I do have access to my.cnf so I’m now off educating myself about the basics of mySQL configuration so I can enable caching without screwing something up.

Meanwhile, though, I have some more data points. In phpMyAdmin > Runtime Information the following variables are highlighted in red, meaning they are outside desirable range.

Slow_queries 5

Handler_read_rnd 39k

Handler_read_rnd_next 437k

Slow_launch_threads 1

Created_tmp_disk_tables 56

Opened_tables 84

The last is supposed to be a strong indication that my table cache value is too small (no surprise since it’s zero!). phpMyAdmin provides useful tips in interpreting these values, but as a mySQL newbie I’m still having trouble deciding how to act on them. Suggestions welcome.

As always, thanks!

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