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Re: How to evaluate server speed?



Well its a P4 (single core) @ 3ghz with 4gb of ram.

The question is how many clients is it hosting, and since you have your own ip, there’s no real way to determine that.

It’s taking almost a full second for 9 queries. Something is very, very, very wrong. You might want to enquire. If you do have access to /etc/my.cnf, you can turn on the mysql query cache and that should cause a radical improvement.

Not related to the mysql speed but just in general, any external javascript that you don’t need to execute immediately on a page, you should add the word DEFER to it. There are two flickr scripts you should try adding it to, if it still works with it in both IE and Firefox, it will make your pages seem a little faster.


<script DEFER type="text/javascript" ...blah...blah

Last but not least if they can’t fix it, you can do better for your almost $150 a year.

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