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Re: How to: ddlb of user roles

… sorry for asking for help…. thought forums where here for that…

I can’t program, never said I did, I build things with trial and error, learning that way. Reading and trying to understand how and why things works. So if I get just a piece of code I’ll try that and try other suggestions too. I am more a reverse engineer. The site and things I’ve builded can be done in 2 hours if you are a phpprogrammer, I do it in two weeks or more, but I get it done (don’t give up) and am proud if I acomplisch what I wanted.

Assuming someone can program cause his plugin is awesome wont work everytime :). Most things I can figure out myself, but if some small stupid thing like a ddlb takes too much time I am gonna ask the forums (duh). Kinda get the feeling now that, if you can’t program, you shouldn’t do it or ask for help…

Like the post above from Chris, you’ve managed to make it work and you are assuming I can figure this out too cause it was apparently easy for you to figure out. But I don’t think like a programmer, it’s hard for an person like me to figure it all out. I don’t know where all code is pulled from or is placed. I use bbpulp a lot to find the needed code, but that isn’t always enough.

I’m glad Chris found an answer, but then I ask: how did you do it? Can you show me the code and explain some of it so I can learn from it…

Better look like it like this, I can build a car, but I don’t know how to construct it. I know I need an engine, but I don’t know how the engine works. I know what it does, I know I need it… and so I puzzel the car together. A mechanic will do it in 1 week, I’ll do it in 1 year…

I am weird, I know :)

Well I just wanted to get this of my chest and also mention I aint attacking anyone (especially Chris, just jused your post as an excample)

So no hard feelings (from me anyway) and thanks for your time


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