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Re: How to Add custom Nav Bar to Theme?

Chris – need some clarification PLEASE.

I’ve changed the HTML tags, put them in a div and given it a CSS class, exactly as you suggested. I’m stuck at your point 3. I’ll enumerate for ease of reply.

1. Should I still be in the header.php file when making the CSS code you have suggested? Or should all CSS code be in the style.css file?

2. I don’t understand what you mean by “add it right around the lines for the #header, since you’re still in the #header div”. Specifically:

a) Where are the #header lines you refer to, and

b) When you say “add it right around the lines for the #header”, I’m not sure what you mean by “right around”, exactly. Do you mean immediately under #header?

I didn’t anticipate these questions. I am very ignorant technically. Thanks for your patience.

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