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Re: How many more ALPHA’s before BETA?



Sam please break whatever you feel is necessary in the core to make things work better in logic, and not worry about backwards compatibility. Broken is broken in my book and I’m still going to delay doing anything until 1.0 is final (and the 1.0.1 bug fixes are sketched out)

I’d rather you break in any way needed for the right reasons and not be saddled with backwards compatibility like WordPress did (and look at what a mess it’s become).

For what my opinion is worth, I’d rather you not call it beta until it’s production ready because you just know that hundreds, if not thousands, will jump on anything labelled beta and expect it to work near perfectly, as well as any plugins they currently use.

Heck if the alpha numbers have to go into triple digits, let it be, at least the people who need to feel there is constant progress will feel better as the numbers get bigger.

Last but not least I think there should be an incredibly strong warning to people that there is no downgrading from 1.0 to 0.9 once they upgrade because of the db changes.

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