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Re: How many more ALPHA’s before BETA?

How many more alphas? I don’t think we’ll get up to 10, but if a bad bug sneaks into one of the alphas it’s possible that you could see two or three in a week. I’m not doing any point releases of alphas (e.g. alpha-6.1) so by the time we are done we may have 10 or 20, it’s hard to say.

Basically we aren’t going to beta until all the new functionality is in place. During the beta period I’m hoping to just be doing stability and speed improvements. The Trac tickets are a good guide of what needs to be done before beta is released. As long as there is significant stuff on that list under 1.0-beta there is no beta release.

In any case, the beta will not be “stable”, it will only be feature complete. So it still won’t be recommended for production use. Things will be accelerating for bbPress soon due to some internal work at Automattic. This is occupying a lot of my time right now, but it will all be fed back into bbPress in the near future.

And yes alpha-7 will be a commit bomb that will potentially break a lot of things. I’m trying to minimise damage, but the API will be a little unstable for a couple of alpha releases. I don’t recommend that plugin devs rush to make their plugins work until these fairly fundamental shifts in the API are complete.

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