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Re: How many more ALPHA’s before BETA?



You keep quoting other people and their nonsense lists.

Those are commercial programmers with commercial projects.

bbPress is free and makes no money for the people who make it available.

(Joel isn’t even a programmer according to Wikipedia, but was a manager on Excel for Microsoft, so he couldn’t be more opposite in thinking to open-source web based code development – he blogs about concepts to sell his company’s commercial, closed-source software so what he says is motivated by profit)

Let’s say bbPress 1.0 final was available tomorrow.

But half the plugins won’t work with it, so are you going to fix them?

Let’s say Sam gives into your pressure and releases bbPress 1.0 beta early – but because of the rush there are bugs or security issues – are you going to fix them? Are you going to adjust the plugins for bbPress 1.1 because of rushed release on bbPress 1.0 ? I’m not.

I can give you my timeline as far as plugins – January 2010 is my estimated completion date for plugin compatibility with bbPress 1.0 – this is not an exaggeration. Hopefully this will satisfy your quest for deadlines on free, non-commercial programs and let you plan accordingly.

So if you aren’t using any plugins, I guess you’ll be all set for the next alpha and beta releases, nag away.

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