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Re: How many more ALPHA’s before BETA?

@ _ck_

How is this a pointless question?

Simply saying that bbPress 1.0 will be finished “when it’s ready”, is an absolute lack of leadership.

And using Trac’s Roadmap functionality but not updating it to be current, since it states bbPress is 6 months behind, indicates also a lack of commitment by the development team to push this project forward.

Also, don’t you find it interesting that you have had to make the comment before numerous times and say “people, please stop asking for a release date”.

I’m not even asking for a specific date, just a better understanding of the roadmap. If people are constantly asking you the same question over and over again, isn’t that a signal to you that people are: concerned with the current development state and/or unclear as to what the roadmap current entails.

Unfortunately, not everyone here is a developer. So simply stating “why don’t you help code” is not an option always. The best many of us can do is simply use the ALPHA version and report bugs if we see any … which we do.


Also, one thing good about roadmaps is that it holds people accountable. Having a roadmap in Trac that, as you have stated before is “meaningless”

is a complete embarrassment to this development project. I hate saying that, truly, because I greatly enjoy bbPress.

But if you cannot even update a simply Roadmap, now 6 months out dated, indicates to me that bbPress 1.0 is vaporware … regardless of how many Trac ticket check-ins you have in any given week.

I’m not alone on this, Joel Spolsky include keeping Roadmaps up-to-date on his 12 steps for better coding

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