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Re: How do you change the Freshness of post date format?



That php _e(‘Freshness’) just echoes the table header. A couple lines beneath that you will find the call to the function that provides the time elapsed (i.e. the Freshness):

<?php topic_time(); ?>

Instead of that topic_time, you could just insert the code like _ck_ has shown, modified a little bit, so instead of this in your template files:

<?php topic_time(); ?>

use this:

<?php echo date("date format here", strtotime($topic->topic_time)); ?>

where date format here is some combination of characters from here:

For example:

<?php echo date("D M j Y G:i:s", strtotime($topic->topic_time)); ?>

prints like Sun Aug 19 2007 1:53:54 right now, but it would be based on the topic time of the post in your case.

You would need to look at these files, at least, in your template directory:






It’s safe to modify your own template files. You’re not modifying the core bbPress files. But maybe this would be better as a plugin, I’m not sure.

Good luck.

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