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Re: How do’s tabs work?



I disagree on the WordPress page function not being powerful enough to understand parent/child. It always seems to work for me. For example, check this page:

Those are WordPress pages, grandparent is machine-shop, parent machining, child risers. Check the left nav for the current page highlighted, and check the top tabs for the grandparent highlighted. So, it’s certainly possible to do whatever you want with the current class in WordPress.

On this site, when you are on the blog page, they are probably just using the WordPress current_page_item class to highlight (home, about, documentation, blog, download.) When you click forum, you go to bbpress. So, in your bbPress template, you hard code that nav item as current. I’m not certain how the extend section works, if it’s bbPress or WordPress.) But, basically, you hard code current for the forum/forums/bbpress tab since once you click it, you’re outside WordPress.

Now, with integration, and including the WordPress nav, I have no idea how it would work. I always thought if you had a Page called “forums” and then you installed bbPress in a directory called “forums” that the directory will override the WordPress Page, so the forum is shown, but I don’t know what happens in the nav, i.e. if WordPress still thinks you’re on a Page called “forums”.


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