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Re: How Do I Do This?

Hey Chris,

I owe you a huge apology…I wasted your time.

So, after trying all the various combinations you suggested, I remembered that when I first tried you original suggestion:

<table class=”forumlist” id=”forumlist-<?php forum_id(); ?>”>

that I had put it on two lines. So, the “id” line started with a black (rather than light green) “id.” I thought, “Oh, that needs to be green,” so I went ahead and added < to begin the line.

Obviously I’m learning this stuff as I go. Anyway, I went back, used you original method all on one line without adding the extra < and, guess what? It all validated.

I’m an idiot. Sorry for waisting your time and thanks for making it work.

Oh, also, I didn’t want the “Hot Tags” so I justed cut that entire Div out. Everything still seems to work and still validates, but I worry that I shouldn’t have done that. What do you think?

I signed up for adsense and I’m thinking of putting ad code where hot tags was

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