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Re: How Do I Do This?

Yes, remember I was going to try to have a list of the cities so people could just click on say “Miami” and then be taken directly to the “Miami” part of the page? Well, livibetter’s code created a list of all the cities and took them directly to the sub-forum for each city. If I create a link on the main WP Page for the Chicago board using an address like

it also takes them directly to the sub-forum. I didn’t really like that, so I figure I’ll just offer one link from the main WP site to the forums and let the visitor scroll past the other cities until they find their’s.

It might actually be better because then they can see the other cities and more easily go and read posts in those cities as well as in their own city.

Oh, and if they go to a sub-forum they can enter a post outside of the child forums. I tried to comment that comment form out, but it took them out of all the forums as well. So, now I think it was all a waist of time, but at least I learned something.

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