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Re: How Do I Do This?



Integration doesn’t matter at all if you’re just linking one to the other, they’re just simple html links. You can link anything to anywhere, no integration required.

Not sure what you mean about “on top of” – the new logo is a background image over to the bottom/right of the header div. The problem with making it a background image, rather than just an image in your code, is that to make it clickable back to the main site, you’d have to make the whole header a link back to the main site. If you look at the source for the page, you’ll see there is no img tag for awforumlogo2.jpg that you can wrap in an <a href=" tag to link back to the main site. I don’t think you want that image as a background image for the header if you’re going to make a link out of it.

I would remove the background image from your style.css and put the img tag in header.php somewhere in the <div id="header"> section (around line 34 in a stock installation).

Once you have an image in header.php, you can work on positioning it where you want it and linking it to what you want as well. Then you can figure out where you want your forum title as well.

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