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Re: How Do I Do This?

Ok, so I now know how to link the individual cities. I can use Livibetter’s new code and do it from the front page of the forum or I can do it from the Forum Page on our main site. Thanks to both of you…I’m really learning a lot!

So, now I’ve added the logo with a “Click Here” statement to direct people back to the main site. As you can see

it sits on top of the title.

I was thinking maybe I could move the title up higher and center it.

Don’t know how to do this.

Then I could make the logo and “Click Here” words clickable to the main site. (The main site and forum are not integrated if that makes a difference. They both reside in their own sub-directories.)

Don’t know how to do this either.

I have to go out for a while, but I’ll be back around 11:00 Chicago time.

Talk to you later.

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