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Re: How Do I Do This?



Just grab the links to the individual forum pages then, and insert them into a WordPress page. You’ll have to maintain it manually, so if you add a new city you would need to add a new link to that WordPress page. I imagine there is probably a way with integration to use the bbPress functions in a WordPress page but I think that’s more work than it’s worth, especially if your list of cities is pretty much set.

Your WordPress page would be titled “Forum” then, and in that page would be the links to the individual forums. Then you might not even need front-page.php since you’d be navigating directly to the parent forums for each city. I think you would probably leave it there so if anyone navigated in the breadcrumbs to the next level ‘up’ they would still get a list of all cities, either links to the parents, or the way you had it set up initially with the long front page.

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