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Re: How Do I Do This?



> 1. I’d like to add our logo with either a button

> that says “Home” or something indicating back to

> the main page. I tried to add the logo included

> in a banner, but it wasn’t aligned correctly.

Try inserting it again so people can see it and help you get it aligned properly

> 2. I’d like to make the green lettering a bolder

> Color, maybe even change the size of the font.

In your theme, find this around line 21 and change to whatever you like:

a { color: #2e6e15; text-decoration: none; }
a:hover { color: #006400; }

You can change the color and font weight and size there.

> 3. I’d like to eliminate “Latest Discussions”

> entirely.

In front-page.php, on line 11, change this:

<?php if ( $topics || $super_stickies ) : ?>

to this

<?php if ( 0 > 1 ) : ?>

That originally said “if there are topics or super_stickies” then do the rest, which is show the latest discussions. Changing it as shown will cause it to never show “Latest Discussions” because zero is never greater than one (the statement always evaluates false so the code block is skipped). If you want to actually rip out the code that would display the Latest Discussions, you would delete lines 12 to 41 in the file front-page.php in your theme. Those are the line numbers in the stock file, your line numbers might be different. Delete from

<?php if ( $topics || $super_stickies ) : ?>


<?php endif; // $topics or $super_stickies ?>


> 4. This message board is huge…Is there a way

> to anchor each city so we can put links on a

> page on the main site. Example: “Click Here To

> Go To the Chicago Forums” and they are taken to

> the Chicago part of the board.

I have to think about that one. I imagine there’s a way to do it, but I haven’t ever done it. Since the name of the city is not a link, you’d have to make that a link to that category, and then suppress the listing of the child forums on the front page. Or, you could just create a new front-page.php that links to only those parent forums. Can you post a link to a screenshot of how you accomplished the different cities like that? Something from your admin panel, or a link to the post here that guided you toward separating things into cities like that?

WAIT: is it this that allowed you to separate the cities? I think livibetter could probably help you do what you want there since that was their code initially.

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