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Re: How Do I Do This?

Ok…I’m Stuck.

This is what I feel I have left to do to my forum…if anyone can help.

1. I’d like to add our logo with either a button that says “Home” or something indicating back to the main page. I tried to add the logo included in a banner, but it wasn’t aligned correctly.

2. I’d like to make the green lettering a bolder Color, maybe even change the size of the font.

3. I’d like to eliminate “Latest Discussions” entirely.

4. This message board is huge…Is there a way to anchor each city so we can put links on a page on the main site. Example: “Click Here To Go To the Chicago Forums” and they are taken to the Chicago part of the board.

I know I have a lot of questions, but if I can get the answers to them, I can go to bed.

Oh, and check out the forums some of you have been so great about helping me with….

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