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Re: How can I change the word “wanna” with a plugin?

You can create a function to remove wanna and add something new. This is an example that Ipstenu provided in another thread;

// This sets closed lable to read as 'read only' instead of 'closed'
remove_filter('bb_topic_labels', 'bb_closed_label');
function my_closed_label( $label ) {
global $topic;
if ( '0' === $topic->topic_open )
return sprintf(__('[Read Only] %s'), $label);
return $label;
add_filter('bb_topic_labels', 'my_closed_label');

1 You find the function where “wanna” is.

2 Next, you copy/paste the function between remove/add filter lines of the code above.

3 Modify the copy-pasted function; change “wanna” for “want to”

4 Then, rename that function with a new name, ie “no_wanna”

5 Change accordingly the remove/add lines

6 Finally, place the whole code in a plugin or a functions.php in the template folder.

Another option is probably using a language file but I don’t know if you can set an english-english file.

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