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Re: Help with integration

Hard Seat Sleeper


Thanks Buddha,

I tried all of these, to no avail. I also tried that other page, worked my way through it, but that thread just kind of fizzed out with no resolution either. I’ve tried to read that 101 page before. it’s too long with too much conflicting info.

One of them led me to this page, to generate a SALT:

I tried that, put it in both config files, and it didn’t work.

The only headway I made was that in adding your “speedup” rules, I was unable to log out of bbpress. At least it was something.

The cookie hash I generated here:

Some said to include the www. in these url values (cookiehash, COOKIE_DOMAIN, etc), some said not, I tried both and still couldn’t get it to work.

I appreciate your help Buddha, it might be that I need to learn more about cookies; as it is, I’m just stabbing in the dark here, I’m not totally familiar with how all these things work.

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