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Re: Help with an if/then statement

sweet, thanks.

now the only one i’m getting hung up on is the “add new topic” page because the page url is and i can’t see which page that actually is referring to (i can usually see something like “/topic.php?id=35&page&replies=2” in the url to know what page to edit. i know the actual form itself resides in post-form.php but the <h2> i’m trying to alter isn’t actually in that file. same goes with the line breaks before it, they would go in the same place.

i can see where it is in the template-functions.php:

elseif ( is_bb_tag() || is_front() )

$h2 = __(‘Add New Topic’);

i simply can’t find it elsewhere in the code and i’m going mad and blind!

all your help is much appreciated.

ps: one more thing! do you know where would i change the “you must log in to post” text?

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