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Re: Help us get bbPress reinstated on Wikipedia!

The deletion from Wikipedia was pretty random and I think a better structured and written page would probably survive. Interestingly the BuddyPress page has only one self-published reference.

I appreciate people’s desire to evangelize bbPress (thanks johnhiler) but I at least agree with kevinjohngallagher’s sentiments about putting the cart before the horse. If there is willingness to write something to promote bbPress, then how about we put some effort into our own site?

If anyone wants to have a go at comprehensive editing and/or rewriting any of the information on I’m happy to help with that process. I think this would be far more valuable to us.

So I guess I’d like to hijack the enthusiasm that some people are showing and direct it closer to home. I can easily create a sandboxed WordPress install that volunteer editors can use to re-work the existing content. Then once we are happy with it, we can migrate it over to the main site.

I also think that a “codex” wiki site for bbPress would be beneficial at this stage but I need some reassurance that it won’t just sit there empty either. So take this poll and we can see if there is traction for that to be created…

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